There has recently been a lot of noise in the press surrounding the issue of power blackouts across the UK this winter. Whether that’s a planned blackout, as suggested by the government to prevent power cuts or adverse weather conditions, here at Broadcrown Power Engineering, we can help support your business this winter.

A blackout can be temporary or last for several hours or days, depending on the cause. If one happens in your area, your business could lose revenue, equipment and product, among other risks. The best way to ensure your business is prepared for power outages is to create a reliable blackout plan ahead of time, and we can help you to do this.

Below, we’ve put together our top steps to prepare your business for a power outage:

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Invest in Backup Power Equipment

If you’re reading this, we are sure that you probably already have a backup power system. However, if you don’t have a backup power system, we recommend installing a diesel generator to support your business and avoid costly downtime. It is the most effective way to keep your business operational during power loss.

Our sister company, Greenshields JCB, provide JCB diesel generators of all sizes. The team at Greenshields JCB have extensive industry knowledge to help you calculate your power usage to size your generator requirements accordingly to install a power system you can rely on.

Review your Backup Equipment

When was the last time you reviewed the effectiveness of your equipment?

It may be time to review your backup power equipment to check it still does what you require. Often equipment can become old or obsolete and require an update to work more efficiently.

Broadcrown Power Engineering believes in being proactive. We offer upgrades and retrofits to all your existing equipment so you can enjoy the latest technological advances. Our complete refurbishment service extends not only service life but also performance too, to provide you with a dependable generator for many years to come.

Carry out frequent Maintenance on your Equipment

We recommend having your generator serviced on a regular basis. By performing preventative maintenance on your generator, an engineer can identify potential problems before they progress, preventing harm to your equipment.

At Broadcrown Power Engineering, we provide maintenance to any generator make, model or size. Our engineers are fully trained and have experience across many industries.

During routine maintenance, all the components of your generator will be inspected and tested, and any underlying problems will be identified. By carrying out preventative maintenance, you’ll get peace of mind your generator is fit to start if it is required.

Set up a Business Continuation Plan

Would you know how to keep your business operational during a power outage? It is always better to have a backup plan, just in case.

At Broadcrown Power Engineering, our team of specialists work with you to design a bespoke contingency plan to ensure you’ve always got a backup option to minimise downtime and reboot your business operations quickly.

And remember to test your plan. Often businesses set up their contingency plans and forget to review them yearly.

Join our AssetCare Programme

Let us manage your power equipment so you can concentrate on running your business. We’ve developed a comprehensive service and maintenance package to support businesses nationwide.

Our Assetcare programme includes all the essential service and maintenance checks, plus additional services such as fuel sampling and load bank testing, to guarantee your generator is ready to perform if required.

Sign up for Power Alerts

It is a good idea to sign up for power alerts from your local utility company. They’ll keep you informed about what you can do if your power goes out or to keep your business operational, even without electricity.

Often, the power company sends notifications telling you if your power outage is planned or not. This will help you decide what to do, including starting your emergency business continuity plan.

Make sure your business is prepared for a power outage this winter with a backup power system and a contingency plan. Whether you need a generator for your business or you need assistance developing a plan, Broadcrown Power Engineering can help: 0330 900 3939


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