Power generators are the unsung heroes of countless industries, ensuring a seamless supply of electricity when we need it most. However, like any machinery, generators require regular testing and maintenance to guarantee optimal performance. Broadcrown Power Engineering is taking a significant step forward by now offering in-house Load Bank Testing, a move aimed at providing customers with a more cost-effective solution than ever before.

Understanding Load Banks

Before delving into the benefits of Load Bank Testing, let’s provide a quick overview of what a Load Bank is. A Load Bank is a device designed to create an electrical load and apply it to an electrical power source, such as a generator. This simulated load allows for testing and verifying the generator’s performance under real-world conditions.

Benefits of Testing

Load Bank Testing is crucial for generator owners due to several vital benefits that underscore its importance. Firstly, it helps prevent “wet stacking,” a condition where unburned fuel builds up in the exhaust system due to underloading.

It also ensures that the generator can handle its maximum load capacity when needed, reducing the risk of unexpected failures during critical operations.

Additionally, it helps identify and address any issues related to voltage regulation, cooling, and other vital functions, ensuring the generator operates at peak efficiency.

Why offer In-House Load Bank Testing…?

1. Cost-Effectiveness
Previously, Broadcrown Power Engineering engaged third-party services to conduct Load Bank Testing. However, by bringing this capability in-house, the company now offers a more competitive pricing structure for customers. This cost-effectiveness translates to direct savings for businesses reliant on power generators.

2. Nationwide Availability
Broadcrown Power Engineering’s testing service is available nationwide, ensuring that businesses across the country can access this essential offering. This extensive coverage simplifies logistics for customers with diverse geographic footprints.

3. Comprehensive Load Bank Fleet
The company’s current fleet of resistive load banks includes a range of capacities:
• 1 x 100KW
• 1 x 300KW
• 1 x 600KW
• 2 x 1000KW

This diverse selection caters to various generator sizes and configurations, offering customers flexibility in choosing the right load bank for their testing needs.

4. Ease of Booking
Customers interested in Load Bank Testing can easily book the service through Broadcrown Power Engineering’s sales team. Additionally, load bank hire information is available on our website, allowing customers to request a quotation via telephone or email request.

Load Bank Testing Procedure

During a Load Bank Testing procedure, Broadcrown Power Engineering’s trained engineers apply a simulated electrical load to the generator, replicating real-world conditions. This process involves incrementally increasing the load to the generator’s maximum capacity, allowing for a thorough examination of its performance. Engineers closely monitor and evaluate critical factors such as voltage regulation, cooling system efficiency, and overall responsiveness.

Rigorous testing and quality checks ensure that the generator operates at its peak efficiency and reliability, providing customers with the assurance that their power source is ready to meet demands seamlessly. This transparent and structured procedure is an integral part of Broadcrown Power Engineering’s commitment to delivering optimal generator performance and customer satisfaction.

Our Commitment to Optimal Generator Performance​

The introduction of in-house Load Bank Testing by Broadcrown Power Engineering signifies a customer-centric approach to providing a more streamlined and cost-effective solution. By offering a comprehensive service that includes trained engineers conducting the tests, a nationwide presence, and a variety of load bank capacities, Broadcrown Power Engineering continues to demonstrate its commitment to supporting businesses in optimising their power generation systems. Customers are encouraged to explore this new offering to ensure the reliability and efficiency of their generators.


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